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Siang-Yang Tan
BA, PhD, McGill University
Siang-Yang Tan is professor of psychology and has been an active member of the faculty since 1985. He has previously served as director of the PsyD program and director of training of the Psychological Center.

Of Tan’s many publications, he is best known for his book Lay Counseling (1991) and recently for a textbook, Counseling and Psychotherapy: A Christian Perspective (Baker Academic, 2011), as well as his Full Service: Moving from Self-Serve Christianity to Total Servanthood (2006); Coping with Depression (2004 revised and expanded edition), with John Ortberg; Rest (2000); and Disciplines of the Holy Spirit (1997), with Douglas Gregg. He also authored “Addressing Religion and Spirituality from a Cognitive Behavioral Perspective” (2013), in K. Pargament, A. Mahoney, and E. Shafranske (Eds.), APA Handbook of Psychology, Religion and Spirituality, 2:169-87; and “Mindfulness and Acceptance-Based Cognitive Behavioral Therapies: Empirical Evidence and Clinical Applications from a Christian Perspective (2011), Journal of Psychology and Christianity 30:243-49. 

He is associate editor of the Journal of Psychology and Christianity, contributing editor for the Journal of Psychology and Theology, consulting editor for Edification: Journal for the Society of Christian Psychology, and editorial consultant of the Journal of Spiritual Formation and Soul Care.

Tan is an active member in the American Psychological Association (APA), where he is also a fellow; the Canadian Psychological Association; the Christian Association for Psychological Studies (CAPS); and the American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC), where he is on the National Advisory Board. He served as president of Division 36 (Psychology of Religion) of the APA from 1998 to 1999. He is also a recipient of the Distinguished Member Award from CAPS, the Gary R. Collins Award for Excellence in Christian Counseling, the Distinguished Silver Award for Outstanding Influence and Leadership in the Development and Advancement of Christian Counseling Around the World, and the James E. Clinton Award for Excellence in Pastoral Care and Ministry from AACC, and the William C. Bier Award for Outstanding and Sustained Contributions to the Applied Psychology of Religion from Division 36 of the APA. In addition, Tan is the ordained senior pastor of First Evangelical Church Glendale in Glendale, California.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy of anxiety, anger, and depression; behavioral medicine/health psychology; paraprofessional/lay counseling; cross-cultural psychology and counseling; integration of psychology and the Christian faith, spiritual disciplines and mental health, the Holy Spirit and counseling, religious psychotherapy, and Christian psychology